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Eliran Ouzan

Eliran Ouzan

Veb dizajner i stručnjak za hosting


Eliran Uzan je osnivač kompanije i dizajner sajta HostAdvice kao i vlasnik vodeće firme za veb dizajn i razvoj Moonshot Marketing LTD, a bio je i član organizacije Green Peace.

Nadaleko je poznat po veb dizajnu savršenih piksela i visokoj stopi konverzija. Tokom svog veb iskustva eksperimentisao je sa preko 200 kompanija za veb-hosting i poseduje superiorno znanje o tome šta definiše dobru hosting kompaniju.

Supporting Green Web Hosting

These days everyone wants to be as , or as “green”as they can be, but not many people realize that this doesn’t just apply to large businesses cutting down their emissions or to individuals recycling their rubbish; webmasters can also get in on the act, doing their bit to help the environment by utilizing the many “green hosting”options available to modern web developers.

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Mega List of 180+ useful tools, resources and services for web entrepreneurs

Mega List of 180+ useful tools, resources and services for web entrepreneurs

UPDATE: I’ve corrected the broken links (especially the internal ones, in the Table of Contents), and added a link to the WAVE tool (thanks Matt!)
I'm proud to share with you a list of almost 200 of my favorite blogs, guides, resources, tutorials and tools on web entrepreneurship, which I've been constantly using for years. I hope many of these websites become useful assets to you as they are for me. I've broken them down for you into 7 parts:

Web Design
Web Analytics
Keyword Research
Project Management
Web Accessibility

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Our 4 Days Breakthrough Challenge

Over the past several months we've spent on creating Host Advice, we've been constantly asking ourselves countless questions, most of which have helped us figure our creative solutions to many problems we’ve been facing. We simply asked each other non-stop questions - and solved them together.

It was almost like a little game for us, and coming up with smart questions and figuring them out became almost an addictive and very rewarding pass-time. The result of this continuing mental exercise was the website you’re on right now – one that is far better than what we have initially envisioned.

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