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Eliran Ouzan

Eliran Ouzan

Veb dizajner i stručnjak za hosting


Eliran Uzan je osnivač kompanije i dizajner sajta HostAdvice kao i vlasnik vodeće firme za veb dizajn i razvoj Moonshot Marketing LTD, a bio je i član organizacije Green Peace.

Nadaleko je poznat po veb dizajnu savršenih piksela i visokoj stopi konverzija. Tokom svog veb iskustva eksperimentisao je sa preko 200 kompanija za veb-hosting i poseduje superiorno znanje o tome šta definiše dobru hosting kompaniju.
Decoupled Drupal: Auto-Scaling Kubernetes, RHEL, OpenShift, NGINX, Varnish, & Redis with Lagoon

Cloud Data Centers & Decoupled Drupal CMS Hosting: Support for 100+ Million Monthly Views

The Decoupled Drupal Days summit took place in New York this month representing some of the most advanced re-architecting of the CMS for cloud & mobile optimization in the third-party developer ecosystem. Featured presentations of "Headless Architecture with the Multi-Tenant Platform" were presented by technicians from Chromatic & Meredith, while Mark Llobrera of Bluecadet spoke on "Drupal Unhitched: The CMS in Decoupled Architectures." According to Llobrera, a decoupled CMS is "an architecture for websites and applications where the CMS is not used to render the user-facing site or application." With Drupal 8 as an example, React, Express, Storybook, Webpack, or Gatsby can be used for building pages with JavaScript & Node.js rather than Drupal CMS theme files. Drupal or Magento Commerce PHP variables can be loaded in JavaScript templates similar to serverless or FaaS methods with Drupal operating in "headless" mode. This framework is a fairly radical re-write of Drupal around the core theme layer & monolithic/vertical MySQL reliance, but decoupled Drupal solutions are gaining popularity in professional web development agencies. Drupal & Magento can be integrated for cloud eCommerce applications using decoupled CMS methodologies. For scaling Drupal to billions of annual page views, decoupled CMS architecture allows for the deployment of Docker, Kubernetes, & OpenStack solutions together in data centers. The Lagoon platform from builds cloud web hosting solutions for decoupled Drupal with Node.js features.

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When to Choose the Plesk Web Hosting?

The Most Popular Web Panel for Windows Hosting

The Plesk hosting control panel is one of the two most widely used web hosting control panels on the market. It features a slick modern user interface, Windows support, and excellent 3rd party application support including security applications such as fail2ban.

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