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Idan Cohen

Idan Cohen

Stručnjak za marketing


Ima preko 7 godina iskustva u marketingu na mreži. On je samoproklamovani majstor svega što ima vezu sa PPC-om („plati po kliku“) i gaji veliku strast prema analitici i testiranju.

Ajdanov cilj na veb sajtu HostAdvice je da podeli znanje kako bi svi imali koristi, bez obzira na to ko su ili gde se nalaze. Preko ovog veb sajta, on proživljava svoj san da prenese znanje svetu.
7 Powerful & Practical Tips To Balloon Your Blog’s Readership

If you run any kind of business, you know that keeping a blog on your site is one of the essentials to your page—but how do you get people to read it? If you want your blog to blossom, think about your motivation: you want to engage your readers, interact with your clients, and maybe even make a little difference in the world.

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8 Key Ingredients to Becoming a Successful Blogger

When you sink your teeth into a truly delicious bite of your meal, you probably don’t notice each and every shake of this and pinch of that that’s gone into the dish; all you know is you like what you’re eating and it’s Good (yes, with a capital G).

Much like appetizing cuisine, building a successful blog requires a few essential ingredients, mixed together in such a way that your readers don’t even notice how the pieces are working together—they just know that they like what they’re reading and they want to come back for more. Read one to find out the winning recipe for success.

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