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Jackie Goldstein

Jackie Goldstein

Chief Content Manager for


Jackie is the Chief Content Manager for, responsible for managing, editing, and developing high quality content for the website. His background includes software and website development, as well as online marketing (i.e. SEO, PPC, CPA, etc.).
WordPress vs. Wix – The Story Behind the Headlines?

As if there wasn’t enough drama in the world this weekend with the latest surprises in the US presidential election, we in the technology world woke up to our own unfolding drama. Matt Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, published a post on his blog accusing Wix of illegitimately using WordPress open source code for their mobile application. The response from Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami was not long in coming – you can see his response on the official Wix blog.

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Contextly – Engagement Beyond Related Posts

An Interview with Ryan Singel, Co-Founder, Contextly

Ryan Singel is probably best known for his years as a writer and editor at Wired, and for his passion and involvement in technology policy and privacy issues. But Ryan is now on a different mission – bringing engagement and personalization to web sites of almost any size. We chatted at length about the company he founded – Contextly - and we also touched on some of his past as well.

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Axosoft’s Lawdan Shojaee – Passionate About Entrepreneurism and Women in Technology

An Interview with Lawdan Shojaee, CEO, Axosoft

Axosoft is focused on building development tools that improve the lives of software developers. Their CEO, Lawdan Shojaee, is not only passionate about entrepreneurism and about her company’s products, but she is also very passionate about raising awareness – and ensuring the success - of more women in technology. We had the opportunity to talk to her about all of these topics.

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Top 11 New Zealand Web Designers Share Their Insights

We contacted the leading web designers from all over New Zealand to hear directly from them what they thought were the critical elements of a successful web site and of a top web hosting company.

Most designers didn't know where their sites are hosted and why it is important at all. We singled out 11 whom we felt know their business well.

Once they realized what a great resource is offering, we found that designers are actually passionate about their industry and enjoyed talking about their experiences with their hosting companies. Most designers spent some time talking about the type of support they receive and often it was very positive. Some of them also shared with us their thoughts and insights on what are important elements of a successful web site. We're happy to share their insights with you below.

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SnapLogic – Integrating Data, Applications, and Other Things

An Interview with Erin Curtis, Senior Director, Product Marketing, SnapLogic

Big Data and  integration in the enterprise are major challenges for companies today.  Some software vendors offer solutions for data integration and others offer solutions for application integration.  SnapLogic offers a solution that supports both data and application integration.  Erin Curtis discusses with us what SnapLogic has to offer today, what they had to do to get there, and what their plans are for the future.

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