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2022 000webhost Ekspertski i korisnički prikazi

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Gallant Sage
Gallant Sage iz zemlje Sjedinjene Američke Države,

000webhost: Great SubDomain Webspace Hosting, Where Almost Any Subject Matter Is Allowed... And It's Free!

Sure, our free address, being a subdomain webspace, may seem somewhat long-winded, but has actually presented no issues when posted as a link, or as a QR code for quick and easy smartphone access.

And what we really appreciated...Čitajte još was that, in return for this amazing free service, 000webhost posts only a tiny 2" x 1/4" (48mm x 7mm) "Powered by 000webhost" logo in the bottom-right of the webpage, when viewed on desktops and laptops. As our site has no commercial ads whatsoever, this was especially important.

For the beginner, 000webhost offers free, simple and intuitive website/webspace builders: Zyro, WordPress, or Wix.

And here's another option: Being novices at this, but still wanting full control of the webspace layout, we quickly and easily composed our webspace on Microsoft Word, landscape format, saved it as a HTML file, and uploaded it: index.html + loose images to our public_html folder in the 000webhost FTP site.

As for our audio tracks and video clips, we simply linked images in our files to unique DropBox addresses that we uploaded to DropBox. This greatly reduced the burden on our free 000webhost "Monthly Bandwidth Quota" (10 GB max), especially since we opted for much larger, but more universally accepted MP3 and AVI files.

As for motion gif files, we opted to upload them (along with our Image#.jpg files) to our public_html folder in the 000webhost FTP site (instead of DropBox). But our version of Microsoft Word only saves motion gif images as a single frame gif image in our index.html folder. So we correct for this by carefully renaming each motion gif file to exactly the same as the single frame gif in the index.html, and copy the much larger motion gif (Image#.gif), replacing the useless single frame gif (Image#.gif).

Out of necessity, our webpage is structured as simply a very LONG but quite functional one index page, as 000webhost seems to only allow one single webpage for free users, instead of the usual multiple webpages allowed in most pay sites. But our webspace is still quite functional and professional in appearance, and provides the illusion of a simple, compelling, and organized multi-page website with convenient navigation bars throughout.

000webhost also provides basic webspace reporting statistics, such as "Requests Per Minute,"Monthly Bandwidth Quota" (10 GB max), "Disk Space Quota" (1 GB max), "Inode Usage Quota" (20 GB max), and "Sendmail Daily Quota" (50 per day max). These are useful tools for trimming out bandwidth waste, as well as basic feedback on marketing / promotion efforts.

Due to high amounts of users on the 000webhost free platform, some may face issues logging into the 000webhost FTP site: timeouts, etc., or when they access FTP / File Manager it may sometimes load slowly, performing under what it should be.
But when the free 000webhost FTP site is down, one is simply denied entry, stating "Log in details are not correct."
But our always trusty 000webhost subdomain webspace has never, ever experienced any downtime.

We highly recommend 000webhost, as we can vouch for their free service.
Carlos C
Carlos C iz zemlje Bugarska,

An institution among web hosting providers

It is the only free web hosting provider that can keep up with even the paid service. I have also found that they take security very seriously, the websites are properly secured, which generates a lot of confidence in their abili...Čitajte jošty to deliver the level of service that is expected. I have used it for over a decade. It's great!.Manje
Cesar Mandujan
Cesar Mandujan iz zemlje Sjedinjene Američke Države,

Hosting gratuito

Hola buen dia a todos.
Hostinger me ha brindado un hosting gratuito desde hace algunos años. Puedo realizar pruebas reales en la web de algunos de mis proyectos escolares. Brindan apoyo a principiantes como yo. Tienen foros de ap...Čitajte jošoyo. Y un hosting con ellos es economico y siempre estaras en linea. No tienes problemas de que se caiga el servicio. En la version gratuita pueden llegar a salir algunas promociones.Manje

000webhost Cene, planovi i odlike - 2022

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Free Hosting 300.03 MB 3.07 GB 1 0,00 US$ 9.2 Detalji
Single Shared Hosting 30 GB 100.04 GB cPanel 1 1,39 US$ 9.9 Detalji
Premium Shared Hosting 100 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 2,59 US$ 9.7 Detalji
Business Shared Hosting 200 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 3,99 US$ 9.2 Detalji

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