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2022 ChemiCloud Ekspertski i korisnički prikazi

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Deljeni hosting 2,98 US$ - 5,98 US$
VPS 59,96 US$ - 269,96 US$
Riseleri 7,49 US$ - 17,49 US$


99.9% Vreme rada

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Michal B

Zakačena recenzija

Michal B,
ChemiCloud has been my go-to hosting company for about 2 years as they always managed to provide a consistent and reliable hosting service. I like that they are constantly updating their servers and a...Čitajte jošpps to keep up with changes in the hosting market, they always seem to be on the ball no matter the chalenges.Manje


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Dave Higgins
Dave Higgins iz zemlje Australija,
Moved from Netregistry

From Commodore 64 to Mac Air

I came from the diabolical swamps of Netregistry and moved myself to the fresh intuitive fully serviced and super friendly world of chemicloud.
It was like going straight from my Commodore 64 in 1985 to a Mac Air Book.
Best thin...Čitajte jošg ever. I have a new site live in a day, and am moving my old one over once the swamp monsters at Netregistry have finished ripping me off spending 3 months to paste together a basic wordpress site for $2500! Rage....From Chemicloud I will actually be able to manage and grow my businesses online.Manje
Douglas Baucom
Douglas Baucom iz zemlje Sjedinjene Američke Države,

Assistance with Web Site Update

I chatted with support today, simply asking for a little guidance on how to replace the temporary site built via a template provided in my dashboard with the one our designers created. To my pleasure and relief, he asked me to sen...Čitajte jošd the files and he did the update for me! Phew! I was worried I might delete the wrong files. He then assisted me by setting up a user account so I could edit the site as needed. Very quick, helpful, friendly and above and beyond my expectations!!!Manje
Mal Garside
Mal Garside iz zemlje Velika Britanija,

Fantastic Customer Service!

Each time that I contact any of the Team for advice or help, they go out of their way to provide support.
A great Company to work with providing fantastic overall support and service in every aspect!
Hey Mal,

Thanks so much for your review! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave positive comments about us. I shared your feedback with the team and some of them remember you and said it was a pleasure to assist!

...Čitajte još
We're always here if you need anything. Have a fantastic Friday!


ChemiCloud Cene, planovi i odlike - 2022

Deljeni hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor Brzina Panel Broj sajtova Cena Rezultat
Starter 20 GB Neograničeno cPanel 1 2,98 US$ 10 Detalji
Pro 30 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 4,48 US$ 10 Detalji
Turbo 40 GB Neograničeno cPanel Neograničeno 5,98 US$ 9.9 Detalji

VPS hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena Rezultat
CVPS 1 80 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 4 GB 59,96 US$ 9.9 Detalji
CVPS 2 160 GB 4 x 2.20GHz 8 GB 89,96 US$ 10 Detalji
CVPS 3 320 GB 6 x 2.20GHz 16 GB 149,96 US$ 8.3 Detalji
CVPS 4 640 GB 8 x 2.20GHz 32 GB 269,96 US$ 10 Detalji

Preprodavački planovi

Ime plana Prostor Brzina Panel Cena Rezultat
Kickstart 60 GB 3 TB WHM 7,49 US$ 9.9 Detalji
Grow 90 GB 6 TB WHM 9,99 US$ 10 Detalji
Expand 140 GB 9 TB WHM 13,74 US$ 10 Detalji
Established 200 GB 12 TB WHM 17,49 US$ 9.1 Detalji

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