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2021 Alrawi Host Ekspertski i korisnički prikazi

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Deljeni hosting 3,50 US$ - 9,99 US$
VPS 6,99 US$ - 109,99 US$
Cloud hosting 44,99 US$ - 154,99 US$
Riseleri 14,99 US$ - 34,99 US$
SSL 1,00 US$ - 995,00 US$

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Alrawi Host Cene, planovi i odlike - 2021

Deljeni hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor Brzina Panel Broj sajtova Cena Rezultat
BASIC Hosting 30 GB Neograničeno cPanel 1 3,50 US$ 10 Detalji
PRO Hosting 50 GB Neograničeno cPanel 10 5,50 US$ 10 Detalji
GOLD Hosting 70 GB Neograničeno cPanel 10 9,99 US$ 10 Detalji

VPS hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena Rezultat
VPS SERVER 1 20 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 1000 MB 6,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 2 40 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 1.95 GB 14,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 3 60 GB 3 x 2.50GHz 2.93 GB 19,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 4 80 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 3.91 GB 24,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 5 120 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 5.86 GB 34,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 6 160 GB 8 x 2.50GHz 7.81 GB 44,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 7 200 GB 8 x 2.50GHz 11.72 GB 69,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 8 240 GB 8 x 2.50GHz 15.6 GB 84,99 US$ 10 Detalji
VPS SERVER 9 300 GB 8 x 2.50GHz 17.6 GB 109,99 US$ 10 Detalji

Hosting planovi cloud

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM Brzina Cena Rezultat
Cloud Hosting BASIC 50 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 1.95 GB 2 TB 44,99 US$ 10 Detalji
Cloud Hosting PRO 80 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 3.91 GB 4 TB 49,99 US$ 10 Detalji
Cloud Hosting GOLD 160 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 7.81 GB 5 TB 64,99 US$ 10 Detalji
Cloud Hosting Alrawi 320 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 15.6 GB 8 TB 154,99 US$ 10 Detalji

Preprodavački planovi

Ime plana Prostor Brzina Panel Cena Rezultat
Start-up Reseller 50 GB Neograničeno WHM 14,99 US$ 10 Detalji
PRO RESELLER 100 GB Neograničeno WHM 22,50 US$ 10 Detalji
GOLD RESELLER 1000 GB Neograničeno WHM 34,99 US$ 10 Detalji

SSL planovi

Ime plana Funkcije Garancija Cena Rezultat
RapidSSL® Certificates help you keep your customers\' transactions secure with up to 256-bit data encryption and site authentication. Buy a certificate and speed through enrollment with automated domain control validation. Best of all, our SSL certificates are among the most affordable in the industry. We keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you.
10,00 US$ 17,95 US$ 10 Detalji
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
Secure your website fast. GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Premium certificates are one of the quickest ways for you to start protecting online transactions and applications with SSL. With an automatic authentication and issuance process, it takes just minutes to get your QuickSSL Premium SSL certificate. After that, managing and renewing your certificates is a snap. With GeoTrust, you get inexpensive SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice, or reliability.
500,00 US$ 79,00 US$ 10 Detalji
Geotrust True BusinessID
Business-class SSL—only better. When it comes to selecting SSL security for your business, you have a lot of choices. With GeoTrust, the decision is easy. GeoTrust® True BusinessID SSL certificates let your customers know that your site is trustworthy and that you take their security seriously enough to get your certificate from a globally trusted certificate authority.
1,00 US$ 99,00 US$ 10 Detalji
DigiCert Secure Site
Protect your website or email traffic with industrial-strength 2048-bit encryption with a Secure Site SSL Certificate.
1,00 US$ 399,00 US$ 10 Detalji
DigiCert Secure Site Pro
With Secure Site Pro SSL offer high-assurance certificate with added features for comprehensive website security.
1,00 US$ 995,00 US$ 10 Detalji
Geotrust True BusinessID with EV
Make a strong security statement with the green address bar. GeoTrust® True BusinessID with EV (Extended Validation) is our premium business-class SSL security product, visually confirming the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates. The green bar says it all. Web site visitors really notice when the address bar turns green in their high-security browsers and the organization field starts to rotate between your business name and GeoTrust.
1,00 US$ 179,00 US$ 10 Detalji
DigiCert Secure Site with EV
Secure Site Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates protect your most valuable assets–your customers and your brand–from phishing scams and online fraud.
1,00 US$ 995,00 US$ 10 Detalji
DigiCert Secure Site Pro with EV
Secure Site Pro EV SSL is the highest authentication with extra features for comprehensive website security and robust protection against identity-targeted attacks
1,00 US$ 1,00 US$ 10 Detalji

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