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    3.8 / 10
  • Cena
    5.3 / 10
  • Lakoća upotrebe
    3.7 / 10
  • Podrška
    3.2 / 10
  • Funkcije
    4.2 / 10

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Joshua Parker
  • Pouzdanost 8.0
  • Cena 10
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 8.0
  • Funkcije 10

OVH has been great so far (Services offered by OVH are for experienced people)

Korišćena usluga: Posvećeni server - BHG

I've been an OVH customer for quite some while now. I'm not exactly sure why they're getting such a bad reputation.

Managing a server is quite hard especially if you don't know how a server works.

I also noticed be...Čitajte još
Matt M
Sjedinjene Američke Države
  • Pouzdanost 6.0
  • Cena 10
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 2.0

Poor Billing and Customer Service

Korišćena usluga: Posvećeni server
OVH recently instituted "automatic payments" which has been a cluster-beep. I don't have automatic payment set up and have just been paying monthly. They sent me an e-mail stating my CPANEL was past due and is now turned off, howe...Čitajte još
alex epshteyn
Sjedinjene Američke Države
  • Pouzdanost 2.0
  • Cena 6.0
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 2.0

OVH Canada - stay clear

Korišćena usluga: Posvećeni server - EG-64
We had a very bad experience with OVH recently. We ordered a dedicated server from OVH Canada:

1) The server was not delivered on time - with multiple excuses including "cold weather in Canada"
2) Eventually the server was del...Čitajte još
Sherry Sa
Sjedinjene Američke Države
  • Pouzdanost 2.0
  • Cena 4.0
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 2.0

OVH Customer.

Korišćena usluga: VPS - VPS SSD 2
OVH VPS service is Peace of ***. Out of sudden my VPS reboot and kernel panic error, NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN. I'm now trying to re-install my VPS and it's almost more than 1 hour still at 48%. I would say NEVER GO FOR THEIR SERVICE!
user avatar
I would recommend contacting their support. They are amazing at what they do and will help resolve their problem.
J H Wijgerse
  • Pouzdanost 2.0
  • Cena 4.0
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 6.0

Was good, sucks since 2017 got even worse in 2018

Korišćena usluga: Deljeni - Pro
In short when I joined them they were OK even above average. But in the years since, it has been going downhill. I had about 10 websites hosted there, now just a few, but as there has been another outage, with NO way to get into c...Čitajte još
philip noob
  • Pouzdanost 10
  • Cena 10
  • Lakoća upotrebe 8.0
  • Podrška 6.0
  • Funkcije 10

Good for its price

Korišćena usluga: VPS - VPS SSD 3
The DDoS protection and connection was all I wanted when I purchased a OVH, and thats what I got. Their connections are fast and if you are using OVH your server won't be ddosed. They work very good, and for its price its amazing....Čitajte još
Mustafa Dalwai
  • Pouzdanost 2.0
  • Cena 2.0
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 2.0

Fraud Company

Korišćena usluga: Oblak
They scammed me into adding more money and refused to provide services, asking for more money.
Worst provider I have encountered.
Full experience at:
Jim Wilkinson
Velika Britanija
  • Pouzdanost 2.0
  • Cena 4.0
  • Lakoća upotrebe 2.0
  • Podrška 2.0
  • Funkcije 2.0

Worst hosgting service so far

Korišćena usluga: Deljeni
I bought the service and transferred my files there. The system had a problem and some files were not uploaded (normal html files with little sice, nothing special).
The support told me that there was nothing they could do to fix...Čitajte još


Usluga Raspon cena
Deljeni hosting 1,57 US$ - 7,59 US$ Vidite planove
VPS 3,49 US$ - 13,49 US$ Vidite planove
Posvećeni server 69,00 US$ - 635,00 US$ Vidite planove
Cloud hosting 8,99 US$ - 41,99 US$ Vidite planove
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  • Pouzdanost
    5 / 10
  • Cena
    9 / 10
  • Lakoća upotrebe
    4 / 10
  • Podrška
    2 / 10
  • Funkcije
    7 / 10
Ocena Majkl Lavnduski (Michael Lavnduski) -
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Modern & Innovative Hosting

OVH is based in Canada, but they have data centers throughout the world.  The company actually designs and manages their own data centers, which is quite unique for a hosting company.  They also have innovative network connections, security and other benefits that will help ensure a positive overall hosting experience.

They are focused on offering environmentally friendly data centers that are certified by organizations around the world.  This helps them to build confidence with their customers, and it has been very successful.  They say that 155 out of the largest 1000 European companies have their sites hosted in OVH facilities, which is really impressive.  Overall, this is a great company with  modern facilities that is constantly innovating.

Uptime & Reliability


Excellent 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee with a less than 5 minute response time guarantee in the event of a hardware failure.  This should give customers the confidence they need to know that their site will be up at all times.  The added guarantee of the 5 minute response time is nice because it shows that they are planning for those times when the unexpected happens.

The fact that the company uses RAID 10 configuration for their hard disks is also going to help keep sites up and stable.  Of course, this company designs their own world class data centers with redundant power, network and cooling systems so the facility itself will help to avoid any large scale outages.



Quality Features

OVH has many great features.  Their lowest hosting level is a regular or cloud based VPS solution.  It is priced in line with most companies shared hosting options, but you'll have the added power of the VPS, which is nice.  The cloud VPS is slightly more expensive, but still a good deal.  There are several options within each category so you can get exactly what you need without paying extra.

They guarantee CPU power, starting with 2 vCores at the entry level and moving up to 8 for the highest level VPS.  You'll also get guaranteed RAM availability starting with 2 gigs and moving up to 16.  The hard disk space is also very generous ranging from 25 to 200 gigs, all of which are in a RAID 10 configuration for added stability.

One really nice feature is that you can upgrade your hardware specs at any time without having to do any server transfers or things like that.  This helps to keep your website up and running while still giving you plenty of room to grow.



Good Tech Support

Their technical support is on site in their data centers and ready to help you when you need it.  The fact that they have a 5 minute response time for failed hardware is an example of the benefits of this company.  They are also skilled with what they do so they can answer any questions you have or provide help when you need it. They also have a forum and blog to help with ensuring you have the best possible hosting experience.


Very Nice Hosting Option

This company provides their customers with everything they will need to host any type of site that they want.  There are a lot of different options so you can be sure to get exactly what you need.  Most people are going to be very happy with the level of service they are given with OVH.


  • Great data centers
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee (plus 5 minute response time guarantee)
  • Fair prices


  • No shared hosting options
  • So many choices may be confusing to customers without hosting experience
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Deljeni hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor Brzina Broj sajtova Cena
1 GB Neograničeno Neograničeno 1,57 US$
100 GB Neograničeno Neograničeno 3,79 US$
250 GB Neograničeno Neograničeno 7,59 US$

VPS hosting planovi

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena
10 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB 3,49 US$
20 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 4 GB 6,99 US$
40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 8 GB 13,49 US$

Planovi posvećenih servera

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena
4 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 32 GB 79,00 US$
4 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 64 GB 119,00 US$
4 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 128 GB 179,00 US$
4 TB 12 x 2.10GHz 128 GB 199,00 US$
4 TB 16 x 2.40GHz 128 GB 219,00 US$
4 TB 16 x 2.60GHz 256 GB 269,00 US$
4 TB 20 x 2.30GHz 256 GB 329,00 US$
8 TB 28 x 2.40GHz 384 GB 577,00 US$
8 TB 28 x 2.40GHz 512 GB 635,00 US$
4 TB 4 x 2.20GHz 32 GB 69,00 US$
4 TB 4 x 2.20GHz 64 GB 89,00 US$
4 TB 4 x 2.20GHz 128 GB 135,00 US$
4 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 32 GB 109,00 US$
4 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 64 GB 135,00 US$
4 TB 8 x 2.00GHz 128 GB 179,00 US$
8 TB 4 x 3.40GHz 16 GB 79,00 US$
8 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 32 GB 109,00 US$
8 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 32 GB 119,00 US$
8 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB 169,00 US$
8 TB 6 x 3.50GHz 64 GB 165,00 US$
8 TB 8 x 3.00GHz 128 GB 245,00 US$
12 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 16 GB 89,00 US$
29 TB 4 x 2.20GHz 32 GB 155,00 US$
47 TB 6 x 2.40GHz 64 GB 355,00 US$
8 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 64 GB 245,00 US$
8 TB 16 x 2.60GHz 128 GB 385,00 US$
8 TB 20 x 2.60GHz 256 GB 549,00 US$
480 GB 4 x 4.00GHz 32 GB 79,00 US$
960 GB 4 x 4.00GHz 64 GB 125,99 US$
960 GB 4 x 4.70GHz 64 GB 139,99 US$
4 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 64 GB 109,00 US$
4 TB 4 x 3.70GHz 128 GB 121,00 US$
4 TB 16 x 2.60GHz 128 GB 199,00 US$
4 TB 20 x 2.50GHz 256 GB 269,00 US$

Hosting planovi cloud

Ime plana Prostor CPU RAM Brzina Cena
25 GB 1 x 3.10GHz 2 GB Neograničeno 8,99 US$
50 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 4 GB Neograničeno 17,99 US$
100 GB 4 x 3.10GHz 8 GB Neograničeno 33,49 US$
25 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 6 GB Neograničeno 11,19 US$
50 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 12 GB Neograničeno 22,39 US$
100 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 24 GB Neograničeno 41,99 US$
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